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NOA BK6 10Ah 48V 350W elektrilised jalgrattad NOA BK6 10Ah 48V 350W elektrilised jalgrattad NOA BK6 10Ah 48V 350W elektrilised jalgrattad NOA BK6 10Ah 48V 350W elektrilised jalgrattad
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NOA BK6 10Ah 48V 350W elektrilised jalgrattad

Tootekood: BK6
Bränd: NOA
Saadavus: Peale tellimuse vormistamist, anname teada täpse tarneaja.
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Tootekirjeldus inglise keeles:

Electric bicycles are a new, very fast-growing category of bicycles, which have already captured an equivalent market share to traditional bicycles in some developed European countries. Theoretically, the types of electric bicycles are similar to the types of traditional bicycles, but so far the most popular are electric city bicycles and electric bicycles for everyday use.
NOA BK6 will perfectly meet the requirements of the city, both visually and practically. Very comfortable for longer trips, it impresses with its appearance and elegant color. The wheel equipment is quite extensive and adapted to the urban driving style. The tires on this bike are 20 inches.

The electric bicycle is equipped with a 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery. The bicycle frame is made of aluminum, which makes the bicycle more durable. The feature of lithium-ion batteries is that they do not need to be charged for a long time - only 5-6 hours are needed for a full charge. In the NOA BK6 you will find a 350W rear drive. It will allow you to move up to 25 km / h, and the distance you can travel on one charged battery is about 45-50 km (depending on your weight and driving style). In addition, the e-bike is equipped with an LCD display that shows the battery charge level, the speed at which you are moving, the number of kilometers traveled, and also shows the current gear mode.

A few more equipment details: front and rear mechanical disc brakes, 7-speed shifter, LED front lighting. The bike also has a very soft and comfortable seat - thanks to which longer trips will no longer be a problem. The maximum load capacity of the bicycle is 100 kg. In addition, this model has a rear trunk, so you can easily transport even your purchases.
According to EU legislation, an electric bicycle is considered a two-wheeler equipped with an electric motor, but the maximum speed up to which the electric motor will provide support is limited to 25 km/h - such bicycles are equated to traditional bicycles and may be used on footpaths and participate in general traffic, observing the rules for using traditional bicycles.

Pros: Compact is the ability to fold the boat in half, the ability to move faster, cover long distances and carry significant additional weight.


Rear Derailleur: Shimano SIS INDEX SHIMANO 7-Speed
Battery: 36V10AH 28V-42V, MAX L390*W110*H75
Drive element: ZX20 48V 350W
Control display: ROHS S830
Charger: CD COMING DATA 54.6V 2A
Weight: 27 kg
Tire size: 20"
Frame: Aluminum Double Butted
Ratta suurus:
Mootori võimsus:
300W kuni 399W
Aku mahtuvus:
10,4 Ah
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