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RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad
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RAYVOLT Trixie Smart Hub White V1 elektrilised jalgrattad

Tootekood: RAYVOLT_ Trixie_White
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Discover the Rayvolt Trixie: Your Ultimate Family Cargo Bike
At Rayvolt, we understand that family life in the city is a delicate balance of convenience, style, and sustainability. That's why we've created the Rayvolt Trixie, a remarkable cargo bike tailored to meet the unique needs of urban families.

With its exceptional specifications and thoughtful design, the Rayvolt Trixie invites you to elevate your ride and embrace the future of cycling. Discover the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and luxury with the Trixie, and redefine the way you experience the joy of cycling.

Cargo Bike Excellence, Redefined
Effortless Maneuverability: Its low center of gravity guarantees stability and agility, even during sharp turns, ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys.
Modern Convenience: The Trixie seamlessly integrates smart technology to enhance your family's riding experience, making every outing a breeze.

Elevate Your Family Journeys
Spacious Cargo Area: The Trixie offers ample space to comfortably transport up to three children or an adult and a child, along with your groceries and essentials.
Safety First: Equipped with vintage leather seats and child seat belts, the Trixie ensures your little ones ride in absolute comfort and security.

Your Family's Urban Adventure Awaits
With the Rayvolt Trixie, your family's mobility takes center stage. Say goodbye to the challenges of navigating busy city streets with young children. This cargo bike is your ticket to smooth, stress-free family outings.

Unleash Your Rayvolt Trixie Potential: Choose Your Motor and Battery
At the heart of the Rayvolt Trixie lies a cutting-edge motor system that redefines the way you ride. Designed with precision engineering and innovation, the motor seamlessly integrates with the eBike to offer an unparalleled cycling experience.
The Rayvolt Trixie offers two battery options:
Smart Battery Samsung Li-ion 48V 10.5Ah: This option provides a range of up to 60 km and can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours.
Dual Battery Samsung Li-ion 48V 21Ah: For extended journeys, this option offers a range of up to 80 km and charges in approximately 3 hours.

The Rayvolt Trixie offers one motor options:
Smart Hub 50 Nm - 250W: This motor delivers a smooth and efficient ride, ideal for urban commuting with a maximum torque of 50 Nm.
Power Hub 100 Nm - 250W: For those seeking exhilarating off-road adventures, this motor provides an impressive 100 Nm of torque for unmatched performance.

The Rayvolt Trixie maximum speed is determined by regional laws and regulations. In most countries, the top speed is electronically limited to 25 km/h (15.5 mph) to comply with eBike classifications. However, in some regions, the speed may be higher, but it's essential to check local laws before riding.

Product Specification
Weight: 72 kg
Frame: Rayvolt Aluminum 6061
Battery Cover: Removable Composite Shell Covered by Leather
Grips: Rayvolt Custom Leather Grips
Saddle: Rayvolt Deluxe Genuine Leather
Brakes: Rayvolt Oil Disk Brakes with E-Regenerative 10A-50A
Crankset: Rayvolt Two pieces Crankset
Pedals: Flat Rayvolt Pedals
Chain: KMC Silver Chain
Rims: KMC Silver Chain

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