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PARD SU-35LRF THERMAL IMAGING SCOPE thermal imaging sight PARD SU-35LRF THERMAL IMAGING SCOPE thermal imaging sight PARD SU-35LRF THERMAL IMAGING SCOPE thermal imaging sight PARD SU-35LRF THERMAL IMAGING SCOPE thermal imaging sight PARD SU-35LRF THERMAL IMAGING SCOPE thermal imaging sight
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PARD SU-35LRF THERMAL IMAGING SCOPE thermal imaging sight

1940.00 € 2590.00 €
Tootekood: SU35LRF
Bränd: PARD
Saadavus: Peale tellimuse vormistamist, anname teada täpse tarneaja.
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PARD SU is the latest in a series of thermal sights. The devices are very compact and light (+/- 400gr), their resolution is 1024x768 and you can choose from 5 different color palettes.

Thermal sights from the PARD SU series are IP67 waterproof and shock / rebound resistant up to 6000 joules.

Lensless shutter technology:

Shutterless technology used in SU thermal imaging, advanced control signal, anti-interference, fast transmission, the image does not appear frozen, the ability to avoid blind spots, creating a new opportunity in thermal sensitivity technology.

Multi-color mode:

Selectable display color samples: white hot / black hot / red hot / iron red / sky. Users can select the most appropriate mode according to the environment and observation conditions

Variable magnification:

The SU lens has 4 specifications: 19 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 45 mm. And the digital zoom is 3X, high resolution image, precise magnification, without distortion. It can provide users with a full view of HD quality images, all the details of the observation, such as the bush, forests, animal silhouettes, etc., are extremely clear in the background.


The built-in E-Compass, a real-time compass change direction, can be used to determine the direction of objects, play the role of a compass, and other features that help you navigate.

Theme grid:

Built in 9 themed grid styles with 4 colors, users can choose the style and color according to their personal preferences, environment and observation mode to enhance observation comfort.

Laser rangefinder (optional):

The SU-LRF version has a built-in distance meter, the distance between users and the observed target can also be estimated from a known height of objects.


SU thermal imaging equipment has a very high durability, can work stably in a variety of situations, such as heavy rain, snow, water waves, etc., Each product has been rigorously tested for water resistance before leaving the factory, the water resistance level is IPX7.


The 18650 lithium battery is easy to replace, has excellent working stability, and can be charged externally, quickly and conveniently via USB.

Specification for SU35LRF:

Sensors 384 × 288, 17μm, 50Hz
Magnification 3.2 x - 12.8x
Viewing angle (HxV) 10.7 * 8.0
Lens 35mm / f1.0
Quick-release display 5'LCD display 800x600
Eyepiece resolution 1024x768
Outlet pupil 8 mm
Eye distance 35 mm
Diopter adjustment ± 5
Focusing method: Manual
Focusing range: from 5 m to infinity
Target mesh: 9 samples optional or "NO mesh"
Color palettes: White hot / black hot / red hot / iron red / sky
Human detection range (LRF version) 1500 m
Vehicle detection range (LRF version) 3000 m
Distance finder distance (LRF version) 800
Distance finder (LRF version) Accuracy ± 0.5 m
Video output: Composite video output
Damaged Pixel Repair Yes
E-compass Yes
3D gyroscope Yes
Shutdown time: Less than 2 seconds
Power supply: Li-ion 18650 3.7V rechargeable replaceable battery
Materials: 7075 Aluminum alloy
Body finish: Matte finish black
Body Size (mm) 162 * 51 * 65.5 / 162 * 74.6 * 65.5 (LRF versa)
Weight (without battery) 420) g
Objektiivi läbimõõt:
33 - 42 mm
Maksimaalne töökaugus:
401 - 600 g
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