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OMEGON Omegon Maksutov Spotting Scope 25x-75x70mm spotting scope OMEGON Omegon Maksutov Spotting Scope 25x-75x70mm spotting scope OMEGON Omegon Maksutov Spotting Scope 25x-75x70mm spotting scope
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OMEGON Omegon Maksutov Spotting Scope 25x-75x70mm spotting scope

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Omegon Maksutov Spotting Scope 25x-75x70mm

Manufacturer's product description:
Omegon 70mm spotting scope - Get to nature into focus

Ready for the next hike, a day at the lake, in the mountains or in a nature park? Wherever there is a view to enjoy, you can always discover something interesting with a spotting scope. The Omegon 70mm Maksutov spotting scope is so compact that you can take it anywhere. It fits in any rucksack. You don't need anything more than your eye and the spotting scope itself.

Small tube but large image - what you get with this spotting scope

Take the little Mak spotting scope out of its case, put it on the table-top tripod included in delivery and choose something to look at - it's as easy to observe as that!

You're ready to start observing in just 2 minutes!

The reflector design of the 'scope means that the light path is folded - making the spotting scope incredibly compact and lightweight. The Maksutov lens at the front end protects your spotting scope from dust and provides a sharp image. An anti-reflective coating ensures that you see bright and clear images even in low light conditions.

Zoom - continuous magnification from 25-75X

It's great to be able to concentrate on observing and not have to worry about the technical details. For this reason, the eyepiece comes already firmly attached to the Omegon Mak 70 and you can simply rotate it to infinitely adjust the magnification from between 25X and 75X. Slowly increasing the magnification will let you find the optimum magnification for the particular object you are looking at. You can then simply relax and enjoy your observing.

Back-friendly - comfortable 45°viewing angle

Sometimes you simply can't tear yourself away from an object you are observing. The built-in Amici prism means your observing remains completely relaxed even over long periods, providing a viewing angle of 45° which corresponds to a natural posture.

Table-top tripod for steady images

The Omegon Mak 70 is really only at its best when used on a tripod, so it comes with a table-top tripod already included in delivery. You can quickly attach the spotting scope to the tripod via the standard ¼" photo thread included. Fold out the legs and you have a stable base - perhaps on a bench or a table. You're now ready to go!

The advantages in a nutshell:

compactly designed mirror spotting scope
all-in-one - immediately ready for use, right out of the case
anti-reflection coating for high contrast
simply observe - select a magnification anywhere between 25-75X
comfortable viewing with 45° angled eyepiece
can be connected to any camera tripod
stable table-top tripod comes already included

Type of build Maksutov
Magnification 75
Front lens diameter (mm) 71
Exit pupil (mm) 2,8
Glass material Standard
Lens coating fully, multiple
Focusing system Central focusing
Viewing posture Inclined view
Special features
includes zoom eye piece yes
Built-in digital camera -
Splash-proof -
Lens hood -
Threaded tripod connector yes
Carrying case yes
Field of view
True field of view (°) 1,3
Field of view at 1,000 m (m) 21
Close focus limit (m) 7
Length (mm) 280
Height (mm) 130
Weight (g) 910
Diameter (mm) 90
Outer material Rubber armouring
Colour black
Series Zoom
Area of application
Nature very good
Bird watching good
Hunting good
Sporting shooters very good
Digiscoping middle
71 x - 100 x
Objektiivi läbimõõt:
70 mm
Minimaalne fookuskaugus:
6 - 8 m
801 - 1000 g