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FeiyuTech KiCA K2 Portable vibrating massager – blue treeningvarustus FeiyuTech KiCA K2 Portable vibrating massager – blue treeningvarustus FeiyuTech KiCA K2 Portable vibrating massager – blue treeningvarustus FeiyuTech KiCA K2 Portable vibrating massager – blue treeningvarustus FeiyuTech KiCA K2 Portable vibrating massager – blue treeningvarustus
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FeiyuTech KiCA K2 Portable vibrating massager – blue treeningvarustus

Tootekood: FY2568
Bränd: FeiyuTech
Saadavus: Peale tellimuse vormistamist, anname teada täpse tarneaja.
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FeiyuTech KiCA K2 is a new version of the portable vibrating massager that has revolutionized the training of millions of people worldwide. This small, personal physiotherapist will keep your muscles in perfect shape. The device is an excellent solution for athletes, trainers, physiotherapists, women struggling with cellulite and all people struggling with spinal pains every day. It is currently one of the smallest and lightest devices of this type available on the market. The set, together with the massager, includes 4 interchangeable heads designed to massage specific body parts and a stylish case.

Cosmic technology
The casing of the Kica 2 massager is made of precision CNC machined aircraft aluminium alloy. Elegant, futuristic look and pleasant texture of cool metal will provide an amazing aesthetic experience and joy from every use. Kica 2 is a cosmic technology hidden in a smartphone-sized body.

Truly simple to use
Controlling the device is extremely simple and intuitive. Changing modes of operation is done by means of a function button, and one of the four LEDs will inform us about the selected intensity program. The size and shape of the massager allows for free and comfortable use. With the help of massage therapist Kica 2 you will massage the sore muscles after training. Help yourself and do not wait in a long queue to the masseur.

Tireless physiotherapist
The KiCA 2 is equipped with a powerful 2200 mAh battery and an intelligent energy-saving system. This power reserve will allow you to perform a really long and relaxing massage. Depending on the operating modes and intensity of use Kica 2 can operate on a single charge for up to 18 hours! The battery will be fully charged in less than 3.5 hours.

Precision tool
In set with KiCA 2 massager you will find 4 replaceable tips. Thanks to them, you will be able to hit the point without any mistakes and achieve the intended purpose of the massage. Each tip has been created for a specific group of muscles. New metal heads for magnetic massage stimulate the microcirculation system, soothing fatigue. The magnetic jet can work up to 5 cm below the epidermis, providing the necessary energy for our cells. This massage expands the blood vessels, increases blood flow and oxygen transmission through the red blood cells, supports metabolism, increases cell vitality and regenerates damaged tissue.

Flat head (magnetic)
It perfectly massages smaller muscle groups, such as back and shoulder muscles. Helps to prevent and loosen tissues with cellulite symptoms.

Conical (magnetic) head
Acupressure at home? There you go. This tip will reach the tissues deeper and give a solid impression of large muscles such as thigh muscles or calves. Use it to work on your trigger points.

Spherical head
It will relax soft tissue and sensitive muscles. Ideal for large muscle groups such as thigh, calf, back, shoulder and hip. It is particularly helpful in developing the musculoskeletal system.

U-shaped head
We have not forgotten about your tendons either. This cap has been added especially for the area around the Achilles tendon and for the massage of back straighteners.

Matching intensity program
Each of us is different, unique and unique, that is why KiCA 2 allows you to set four different programs. In this way, everyone will choose a mode of operation adapted to their physical conditions, tolerance to external stimuli and the effect they want to achieve.

Level 1 – muscle stimulation (1200 rpm)
Level 2 – superficial relaxation (2000 rpm)
Level 3 – deep massage (3200 rpm)
Level 4 – Intelligent massage (1200 – 3200 rpm)

Safety first of all
Using our massager is extremely simple, intuitive and safe. For the sake of your health, the device has a built-in system that blocks vibrations when the muscles or bones are too long and strong. After 10 minutes of continuous massage Kica 2 will automatically switch to standby mode and then switch off.

Quiet and reliable
The motor of the device has multi-stage shock absorption. The three-point suspension made of silica gel effectively isolates vibrations and reduces noise. Silent purring allows you to enjoy the moment and our mind and body remain in a state of blissful relaxation.

Massage for every occasion
The FeiyuTech KiCA 2 vibrating massager will work in the hands of anyone who wants to take care of their health and physical and mental condition. This small home physiotherapist has luggage full of experience and possibilities.

Fight against cellulite
Get rid of cellulite with our massager. Improve blood circulation and hydration of skin and muscles. Firm up and model your body, take care of your silhouette, confidence and well-being. With our device you will get the look and form you have always dreamed of.
- prevents the formation of cellulite
- helps to fight cellulite and reduces its visibility
- will reduce the girth of your thighs

Sport and recreation
Whether you’re a professional athlete who spends most of his or her life training, or you’re only doing sports for recreation, this device is just for you! Take care of your muscles while you rest and don’t get injured.
- supports pre- and post-workout activities
- activates and stimulates the muscles
- increases tissue temperature
- increases and improves the flexibility of joint structures (joint mobility)
- increases training efficiency
- accelerates post-workout regeneration
- Accelerates the absorption of metabolic products
- prevents injuries and injuries

Rehabilitation and the elderly
The KiCA 2 vibrating massager is an ideal device for seniors and people requiring special care. It will easily improve the quality of life and support the rehabilitation of daily, relieving massages.
- improves blood circulation
- supports the rehabilitation process
- stimulates collagen production
- accelerates the absorption of hematomas and bruises
- ut has an analgesic effect and relieves muscle and fascial pains
- improves blood supply and hydration of skin, fascia and muscles

Office workers and drivers
Long hours spent in front of a computer screen or in a car behind the wheel have a bad effect on the condition of our muscles. FeiyuTech KiCA vibrating massager will reduce lumbar and cervical pain and provide you with energy to live and work.
- stimulates the nervous system
- relaxes the musculoskeletal system
- alleviates mental disorders such as depression

model: FeiyuTech KiCA 2
color: blue
material: aluminium alloy
operating voltage range: 10,6 V – 12,6 V
loading port: USB-C 5V / 2A
frequency control: from 1200 to 3200 rpm
battery capacity: 2200 mAh
battery charging time: 3,5 h
working time on one charge: up to 18 h
dimensions: 90.5 x 144.6 x 44 mm
weight: 485 g (without head)

Set contents:
FeiyuTech vibrating massager KiCA 2 – blue
flat head (magnetic)
conical (magnetic) head
spherical head
U-shaped head
USB cable A – USB C
massage case and accessories
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